2021 Astronomical Seasonal Calendars

The astronomical fall season in the Northern Hemisphere is initiated by the Autumnal Equinox on Wednesday, September 22nd, when the sun’s center crosses the celestial equator north to south, resulting in an almost equal duration of day and night.


For centuries, cultures have upheld age-old traditions to celebrate this day, by collecting harvest, meditating on balance, paying tribute to coming darkness of days, and sharing food in community. Monuments dedicated to this day include the Chichen Itza, Machu Picchu, and the Great Sphinx.


material: 32pt uncoated, textured,
mohawk superfine paper, with blue seam
Notes on Autumn Illustration

Saturn (the god of seeds, crops and harvest) is the most clearly visible of the planets for the longest duration during this season.

Zȃzȇl - the dark spiritual Seal of Saturn, marks the top of the design.

The Sphinx is aligned with the sunset at the Equinox’s as the sun sets over its right shoulder. Planting sunflower seeds at this time will see them bloom during the following Summer Solstice.

Equinox - ‘equal night’.

The Mayan ‘Day of No Shadows’ was portrayed at both Equinoxes by the descent of Quetzalcoatl’s shadow to Earth. This phenomena also aligned with the Pleiades (Tzab or rattle of the snake in Mayan) signifying an important connection with the Kuxan Suum (the roots or etheric fibres from each star that connects with the earth within the galactic cycle of 26,000 years).

The central goddess figure represents the peaceful, egalitarian and matrifocal religions of old Europe and the Equinoctial alignments at the Hagar Qim and Mnajdra Temples of Malta - a place of particular historical significance in the context of goddess worship, astrology and resonance.

“To renew the self in the edges of its shadow” is an invitation to experience the phenomena of equal length of day and night as the dissolution of the self into the other.

In Lak’ech - I am the other you.

The astronomical summer season is initiated by the Summer Solstice, June 20, when the sun travels its longest path through the sky, reaching its highest point, and creating the longest day and shortest night of the year (northern hemisphere). 


Cultures today and throughout history celebrate this phenomenon by fire and dance rituals, and summer feasts. Ancient civilizations have built elaborate monuments, like Stonehenge of
England, to honor this subtle spectacle.


material: 32pt uncoated, textured,
mohawk superfine paper, with seam

Notes on Summer Illustration

Sun spirit and Intelligence draw power and protection. Surya Mudra activates fire within the body. 
The Tree of Life is revealed as a source of light and sustenance which emanates from the infinite. A fire is the release of trapped sunlight from within. As the crown is on the head, the sun also represents that which is above the mind’s comprehension, but also the first movement of thought from the infinite. It emanates a desire to move the ‘hidden light’ into the air. It contains no content and so relates only through compassion.

The sun bestows radiant minerals upon all planets and meteors, it is of the principle of Fire. In this world, it is the source of the phosphorescence of the sea, and even of the scintillation in the eyes of a lover. The sun awakens dormant energies in all things. It sweetens fruits and renews temples and talismans.

The Bird’s eye view of Stonehenge narrates a living record of the solar and lunar orbits in relation to the earth. On Summer Solstice the sun rises behind the heel stone and illuminates the centre of the monument.

The Central pyramid is the Meso-American Pyramid of Kukulkan (Quetzalcoatl - the feathered serpent). At solstice, the sun descends the staircase of the Feathered Serpent in a process that connects the spiritual plane of light to the earthly plane of matter.

The Arc behind the pyramid represents the Sevenfold process of cell division, analogous to the musical octave and the
spectrum of light.


dim: 6in. base for 4x6 or 6x9 prints


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Artwork by Ventral is Golden

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