Notes on Winter Illustration

“Feed the inner light of the underworld sun.”

Into a blind darkness go, those dedicated to non-knowing, into deeper darkness go, those content with knowing, and seeking the distal cause that pulls at primitive thoughts, humming like the sleep of creatures deep beneath the earth, returning to their source.

For all life’s growing begins in the dark.

Tanit -
Qedesh - Mistress of Animals, Mistress of Stars (Egypt)

She is associated with animals, plants and fruits of the underworld such as the lotus, snakes, scorpions and pomegranates.

She is considered a triple Goddess like the Greek Hekate, symbolising the three phases of the moon.

In the Hebrew Bible her name was changed to Kodesh which means ‘the Holy Spirit’.


Her existence can be traced through the goddesses Tanit, Astoreth, Astarte, and Lilith - the first wife of Adam, Inanna, Ishtar and Ereshkigal. All prominent aspects of the underworld, or the unseen regenerative forces that reside in the earth.

As Ereshkigal she is the connection between the polarities of matter and spirit. In her hands she holds the lapis lazuli Rod and Ring (the Pukku Mikku of Sumer or the Shen ring of Egypt) symbolising the drum and drumstick - the sacred regenerative vibration of the earth and the instruments of measure and illusion.

As a figure who often holds serpents in outstretched arms, she is linked to the unseen, the realms of earth magic. In male form she is Heru-pa-Khered - Horus the Child, who is the deity of subterranean rivers and who’s image and name is often summoned to purify water for ritual.

The Balam (Jaguar) is the underworld animal deity of Mayan mythology who resides in the sacred cave of the Earth Owner (Cauac), the resting place of the underworld sun and point of re-emergence for the tree of life, that holds up the sky and allows for the passing of the season.

Artwork & Notes by Ventral is Golden


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