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SPRING | 2023 Seasonal Lunar Calendar & Illustration

SPRING | 2023 Seasonal Lunar Calendar & Illustration

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The astronomical Spring season in the Northern Hemisphere is initiated by the Vernal or Spring Equinox on Monday, March 20th, when the sun’s center crosses the celestial equator from south to north, resulting in an almost equal duration of day and night. Following this day, the Northern Hemisphere experiences more and more daylight hours, as it tilts toward the Sun.


32pt uncoated, textured,
mohawk superfine paper, with blue seam


6x9 in, double-Sided

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  • An embrace of light and space.

    The vernal (spring) equinox happens when the Sun is exactly above the Equator and day and night are of equal length. The equinoxes represent a time of the year when the veil between material and nonmaterial is at its thinnest and the two worlds can mingle their light. This is symbolised in ancient Egypt by the beetle deity, Kheper (meaning The One Who Creates Himself). 

    The outstretched arms of the Egyptian word ‘Ka’ has multiple meanings relating to this duality. Often it is an aspect of the soul that survives the death of the physical body, a non-material, etheric imprint that a person leaves upon reality, their vital essence, sustained through the sharing of food and drink. Even after death, through offerings via an earthen ‘Soul-House’, this vital essence moves through the physical world as Heka (magic). Ka can also mean ‘double’, the shadow, the dual nature of all things or the divine intervention of a force from which the origin is unknown.

    The double arm hieroglyph is also contained in the Egyptian word for 'sleep' and is enshrined in the pillars of ‘the world’s first temple’, Gobekli Tepe. The archaic Egyptian name assigned to this structure is 'Getpetkai', a word that can be a credible rendering of modern Gobekli. A modern pronunciation of this glyph can be sounded as 'Het Pet Ka Yah', meaning 'temple of space embracing light’. Likewise, we know in the book of Genesis, the first documented act of the Hebrew god Yah, while hovering over the face of the waters, is to turn night into day, comparable to what a person (or the earth) experiences as he or she wakes up. (Scranton 2016)

  • “From the moment you came into this manifest world,
    a ladder was offered for your escape.
    From mineral substance you became a living plant,
    and later a roving animal. Is this a secret?

    Afterwards, as a human being,
    you developed reason, consciousness, faith.
    See how this body has risen from the dust like a rose?

    When you have surpassed the human state,
    your angelic nature will unfold
    in a world beyond this world.
    Surpass the angels then and enter the sea.”

    - Rumi

    Artwork & Notes by Ventral is Golden